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Communicate in Chinese-self-introduction 5

常用语句 Common Expressions
见  to see
很 very
在 at ,in ,on

也 also, too
到 to arrive, also used as a complement
gāo xìng
高兴 glad
běi jīng
北京 Beijing
wáng guāng
王光 name of a person

Language Points

The adverb yě function as an adverbial modifier before the verb. Unlike their English equivalents, Chinese adverbs are always placed before a verb. E.g."我也很好 wǒ yě hěn hǎo”,“我们都是服务员wǒ men dōu shì fú wù yuán", As an adverbial modifier both yě and dōu are followed by a verb.
Cultural Points 文化点击
Customarily Chinese friends, colleagues and acquaintances shake hands with one another when they first meet or reunite after long years of separation. Handshaking between men and women may be symbolically brief, but the initiative can be taken by either side although male eagerness often prevails.
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