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Communicate in Chinese-self-introduction 4

常用语句 Common Expressions

我 I ,me
是 be, is, are,  was, were
xiǎo jie
小姐  miss (n.)
jīng lǐ
经理      manager
guǎng dōng
广东     name of a province
gōng sī
公司   company

Language Points

Some Chinese syllables have a light and brief ending without much speech variaton known as the light tone ,as "xiǎo jie"(Miss). The light tones are written without a tone mark. Its utterance may be realized by laying a stree on the first syllable and leaving the following syllable unstressed.
Cultural Points 文化点击
Chinese Names
A chinese name consists of two parts: the surname precedes the given name. In 王大可 wáng dà kě, for example, wáng is his surname whereas dà kě the given name. One -character surnames account for a great percentage of the total . Only a small number of surname are formed by two characters, such as 欧阳ōu yáng or 司马sī mǎ.These is a common choice between one character and two for one's given name with the exception of a few such names containing three or more character
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