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Communicate in Chinese-Thank you 3

常用语句 Common Expressions
xiè xie
谢 谢 thanks

不    not
用  need

一 a, one
忙 help
fù wù yuán
服 务 员waiter
kè qi
客气  polite
帮 to help

个 a measure word
啊 ah

Cultural Background

Traditionally a Chinese says "Thank you" only when a favor has been done for him. His thanks goes, for examples, to a person who returns him a lost item, or to someone who offers him a lost item, or to someone who offers him a seat on the bus or in the subway. Unlike westerners, Chinese people don't often verbalize their thanks for complimentary remarks. Chinese consumers do thank waiters for their service, but the latter seldom return their thankfulness. Similarly, a Chinese person of higher authority doesn't often acknowledge a favor, however impressive it may be , to his/her junior partner.
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